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The work of a genius, Gaudí

Considered one of the most important buildings of Spanish modern architecture, Casa Batlló is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

billet casa batllo barcelone gaudiWindows in the façade with a bat profile.

With your Casa Batlló ticket, you enter an exceptional architectural world, inside a unique house where mineral, vegetable and animal elements are omnipresent.

billet casa batllo barcelone gaudiCurves, light, subtle work of materials.

The visit will allow you to discover the secrets of the Casa Batlló, its architecture and its innovative constructions designed by Antoni Gaudí. This work is the very essence of Gaudí’s genius.

Commissioned by an industrialist

The renovation of the Casa Batlló began in 1904, like a fairytale building. It was commissioned by the very wealthy Josep Batlló i Casanovas, a textile industrialist who had just acquired the building in 1877.

familleBatlló family by “Napoleon photographers”.

At the time, it was customary to show off one’s family fortune by having the most beautiful façade. Josep Batlló entrusted the transformation of his building to Gaudí in order to re-invent the work.

Gaudí imagined an unparalleled, creative, conceptual and innovative design without having to demolish the entire structure. He then devised a project for the reconstruction and remodelling of the building and the internal part. The construction was completed in 1907.

billet casa batllo barcelone gaudiSalon des Batlló located on the 1st floor.

Casa Batlló has been open to the public since 1995 and offers visits with different options depending on your Casa Batlló ticket selection.

A masterpiece of Modernism

A characteristic architecture
When the building was renovated, it had to comply with the instructions to display the family fortune by illustrating the most sumptuous facades.

billet casa batllo barcelone gaudiGaudian cross and detail of the roof.

This is how the Casa Batlló came to be a unique and colourful structure with such a singular silhouette. The result is spectacular. Some say the house resembles a sea creature, others the dragon from the Legend of Sant Jordi.

billet casa batllo barcelone gaudiRoof in the shape of a turtle shell.

The façade of the Casa Batlló is striking with its ceramic mosaics, blue tiles, shell-shaped windows and fish-fin balconies.

Inventiveness in the details

The architecture of Casa Batlló is an expression of Spanish Art Nouveau, also known as Catalan Modernism. Developed, as its name suggests, in Catalonia, this artistic movement is characterised by the use of organic forms and bright colours. Antoni Gaudí was inspired by nature to create a building that looks alive!

billet casa batllo barcelone gaudiStained glass windows with marine reflections.

In addition, Gaudi employs the technique of catenary art, which consists of using arches to support the structures. The whole thing is incredibly inventive and nestles in the details.

billet casa batllo barcelone gaudiInteractive video-guides according to the option chosen.

What to see at Casa Batlló?

Casa Batlló attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year, and has become a place of pilgrimage for lovers of modern architecture. With your Casa Batlló ticket, you can enjoy audio-guided tours and immerse yourself in the atypical world of Antoni Gaudí.

billet casa batllo barcelone gaudiInterior patio reminiscent of the ocean floor.

A unique interior

With your Casa Batlló ticket, you can enter this timeless house. The interior is just as impressive as the exterior, with vaulted ceilings, curved walls and extraordinary decorative details.

billet casa batllo barcelone gaudiThe belly of the dragon, large attic room.

The entrance hall is decorated with ceramic mosaics, tree-stem columns and carved wood, while the stairs are covered with ceramic tiles. The shell-shaped windows bring natural light into all the rooms of Casa Batlló.

Immersive experiences

The discovery of Casa Batlló is based on several exceptional areas. The first is the Gaudí Dome, a large immersive room located in the basement. In these former coal cellars, all the architect’s talent and inspiration are displayed.

billet casa batllo barcelone gaudiGaudí’s Dome, the vision of a genius.

Here, a multi-sensory experience awaits you with sounds and images that recreate nature.

billet immersiveGaudí’s Cube, the 10D immersive experience.

The Gaudí Cube completes your visit. With your Casa Batlló Blue, Silver and Gold ticket, you can discover this fascinating room that reflects the innovative and creative vision of the genius Gaudí. Made up of a series of LED screens on each side of the Cube, this space is a must for design lovers and takes us into the world of Gaudí.

Access to the roof terrace

Your Casa Batlló ticket will also give you access to the exterior.

billet casa batllo barcelone gaudiRoof terrace accessible during the visit.

You can see that Gaudí wanted to create a building that blends perfectly with its surroundings. The result is a feeling of harmony between architecture and nature! The house has an attractive blue patio flooded with light and a peaceful interior garden. Finally, the highlight of the visit is the dragon rooftop!

billet casa batllo barcelone gaudiCasa Batlló has 26 chimneys.

A roof terrace on which 4 fireplaces are brandished and offers a most atypical landscape. From the top, enjoy a breathtaking view of the capital of Catalonia.

Worth knowing…

Tickets for Casa Batlló are limited to a quota of visitors. So it’s best to book your ticket online, for the time slot of your choice. When you arrive, at the time indicated, present your printed or digital ticket at the reception desk. There are several ticket options for the Casa Batlló, all of which include an audio guide.

billet casa batllo barcelone gaudi4 types of tickets to visit Casa Batlló.

ticket parc guell horaire

Opening hours:

Open daily from 9AM to 8.30PM.
Last admission: 7.15PM.


Time required:

Between 1H and 1H15


billet casa batllo barcelone gaudi


Address : 43 Passeig de Gràcia, 43 – Barcelona

Access by metro:

  L2    St. Passeig de Gràcia (at 1 min).

  L3    St. Passeig de Gràcia (at 1 min).

  L4    St. Passeig de Gràcia (at 1 min).

Access by bus:

H10, V15, 7, 22 et 24.

Access by car :

For parking, there is a car park 2 minutes’ walk from the Casa Batlló. See directions to Parking Saba Bamsa Passeig de Gràcia. In order to ensure that you have a parking space when you arrive, you can reserve your space.

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billet casa batllo barcelone gaudi